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Investigating 19th century crime

Angela Buckley's Blog

The Henley Poisoner

On a visit to Oxford Castle, I was particularly intrigued by the tragic story of Mary Blandy, who was executed for poisoning her father in Henley-on-Thames, which is close to where I live. Although this case took place in the 18th century (outside my historical comfort zone), I decided to investigate…

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The Bembridge Smugglers

My Isle of Wight smuggling trail has already taken me to Shanklin and to St Helens, where I discovered the scandalous story of Sophie Dawes. I have uncovered many secrets of the Island’s shady past and visited some very atmospheric smugglers’ pubs (I wanted the full experience!). My next stop was Bembridge, where I enjoyed a delicious alfresco lunch in the Crab and Lobster, and came across some female smugglers.

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The Whitby Hand of Glory

On a recent trip to Whitby I encountered one of the most fascinating and gruesome artefacts I’ve ever seen in a museum. There is a clue to what lurks in this eclectic collection on the signpost, which draws you in to its sinister attraction: Whitby Museum has the only known surviving Hand of Glory.

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A weekend with Dracula

I’ve always fancied going to Whitby, in North Yorkshire, to explore the Gothic setting for Bram Stoker’s iconic novel, Dracula. Last weekend, my sister and I set off on our own Dracula-inspired adventure to this infamous seaside town in pursuit of mysterious death, bloody horror and of course, scampi and chips.

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A Grisly Discovery

Whilst clearing out his mother’s loft recently, Richard Anderson came across a cardboard box with some very sinister contents: a package of brown paper and old newspaper, and a long piece of string. A label revealed that the items were evidence collected in the Amelia Dyer trial, in 1896, after she was arrested in Reading.

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The Game’s Afoot!

It is three years since the publication of my biography of Detective Jerome Caminada, The Real Sherlock Holmes, and it has been an incredibly exciting adventure. When the book was published, it sparked a debate over whether this real-life Victorian detective could have been inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories.

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