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On 30 March 1896, a bargeman hooked a parcel from the river Thames at Caversham. Inside the brown paper package was the body of a baby girl – she had been strangled with tape. When two more tiny bodies were found in a carpet bag, the police launched a nationwide hunt for a serial killer.

A faint name and address on the sodden wrapping provided Reading police with their first clue. Can Chief Constable George Tewsley and his colleagues catch this heartless baby farmer before more infants meet a similar fate?

The first in a new historical true crime series, Victorian Supersleuth Investigates, Angela Buckley recounts the frantic race to stop Amelia Dyer – one of Britain’s most prolific murderers.

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‘Amelia’s grisly deeds have been turned into an enjoyable book by regular YFH writer Angela Buckley. It reads as a detective novel…the focus is on the painstaking search by police to prove Dyer’s murderous deeds and for her to be convicted. This approach is the right one; Buckley deftly separates the hyperbole of the Victorian press from the facts’

Your Family History magazine


Just how true historical crime stories should be written…

‘Angela Buckley deftly avoids the endless repetition of court and newspaper accounts so prevalent in this genre, and offers us a thoroughly researched story, without padding and intriguing enough to be a real page turner. The atmosphere of the times is well evoked, the police effort treated fairly and Amelia Dyer herself presented with as much sympathy as one can muster for a woman so obviously without heart…Angela Buckley steps back from the pages and presents the evidence, allowing the reader to form their own views. Highly recommended.’

Suzie Grogan, author of Shell Shocked Britain


True crime at its very best

‘Using police and court records, as well as newspaper reports, Angela tells this compelling story with sensitivity but does not shy away from the brutality and cruelty which are central to the tale…I loved all the social history…an easy read, thanks to Angela’s superb storytelling skills. If you’re interested in Victorian crime, you’ll really enjoy this book!’

Michelle Higgs, author of A Visitor’s Guide to Victorian England


The true story of a real house of horror

‘In the first book of her new ‘Victorian Supersleuth’ crime series, Angela Buckley tells the shocking story of a series of terrible crimes which gripped the public’s imagination. Was baby killer Amelia Dyer a product of an uncaring system – or was she criminally insane? You’ll have to judge the evidence for yourself in this gripping read.’

Sue Wilkes, author of Regency Spies


Inside the mind of a baby killer

‘Amelia Dyer and the Baby Farm Murders’ tells the spine-chilling tale of how Reading became home to one of the 19th century’s most notorious criminals.’

The Reading Chronicle


Covering almost thirty years of murder and mistreatment by the vile Amelia Dyer, Buckley clearly lays out the evidence put together by police forces across England as they tracked down this remorseless killer in a case that led to the creation of modern child protection laws. For readers keen to learn more about this disturbing episode but wary of the emotional impact of images of the children and parents involved, this is the perfect book, as the only picture included is of Amelia Dyer herself.

Angela Buckley first came to my attention with her well received debut “The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada” (Pen & Sword, 2014), and her new series of crime books is off to a great start with this compact true story of despicable deeds and deception.

The History Vault – reviewed by Gill Hoffs, author of The Sinking of RMS Tayleur


‘Brilliantly written, the book is definitely a five-star read’

Susie Ballinger, Book reviews and Much More





Readers’ Comments

‘Absolutely brilliant book, I enjoyed it very much. Well written and well researched.’ (Amazon)

‘Brilliant book, I read this in a day…Fascinating story and really brings it to life knowing the area where these crimes occurred. Well deserved 5 stars!’ (Amazon)

‘Enjoyed every moment. Thoroughly enjoyed the tale of Amelia Dyer. Well written and researched and placed in context, really got a feel for the time.’ (Amazon)

‘Been enthralled with your book all weekend’ (Facebook)

‘Finished it in a day. Loved it!’ (Facebook)

‘What a great book. Read it in a day. Could not put it down.’ (Facebook)

‘I have spent a very happy day reading the book.’ (Facebook)

‘Started it last night, just couldn’t stop reading, got me hooked.’ (Facebook)

‘A sad, interesting, brilliant read. Perfect reading.’ (Facebook)

‘Fascinating read! Hard to believe baby farming was so prevalent in Victorian England.

I loved it!’ (Twitter)

Amelia Dyer and the Baby Farm Murders

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